Links to some useful and interesting sites:

FIRST LEGO League and LEGO Mindstorms:

  • FIRST LEGO League
  • Jr. FIRST LEGO League
  • NXT Programs – Includes instructions and NXT programs for building cool Mindstorms projects
  • PID Controller for LEGO Mindstorms – A very intuitive and thorough explanation of PID Control theory as applied to a line following algorithm for LEGO Mindstorms robots.  A really useful explanation for anyone who is interested in learning more about PID algorithms in general, not just as they apply to Mindstorms.




  • Scratch – MIT’s site.  You can download Scratch for free, read a tutorial, browse projects that other Scratch users have uploaded, and possibly upload some projects of your own.

Project Ideas:

  • Instructables – Detailed instructions for all kinds of user contributed projects – a great place to find ideas for using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
  • Make Magazine – A magazine devoted to building cool projects.
  • – User contributed projects plus an interesting blog commentary.

Los Angeles Resources:

  • Molten Metal Works – Located near echo park this workshop offers instruction in welding, bending metal and other metal arts.  Also offers open shop hours in the workshop to come in and work on your own projects.
  • Hexlab Makerspace – LA Makerspace in Chattsworth with great access to laser cutters and 3D printers.  They run frequent classes to learn how to use their technologies.

Random Musings:

  • Mathematically Correct Bagel – Step by step instructions on how to cut a bagel into two linked halves – related to a Moebius strip.  Makes brunch that much more interesting.



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