Squishy Circuits – Color Mixing with Light

A color-mixing squishy circuit.

A Math/Science activity night is coming up at my kids’ elementary school, requiring a 30 minute class project. I decided to check out squishy circuits. They consist of two kinds of play-dough, one conductive and the other resistive, which can be integrated with other electrical components to make interactive (and squishable) circuits. The instructions for making the dough and some different ideas for types of circuits can be found at the University of St. Thomas’s website.

I made three batches of conductive dough in red, green and blue, and an equal amount of the resistive dough in white.  Most of the squishy circuit examples online showed ways to hook up several LEDs in parallel and series.  I thought I’d try to demonstrate how the resistance of dough increases along its length by mixing colors with an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED.