TinyScreen and TinyDuino

TinyScreen displays the Mandelbrot set.
TinyScreen displays the Mandelbrot set.

A few months ago, I signed up for a Kickstarter for TinyScreen – a minuscule 96×64 pixel screen run by a similarly diminutive TinyDuino, an Arduino clone that is smaller than a quarter.  My parts arrived yesterday, and I jumped right into playing with them.

I had ordered the video game package which came with a TinyDuino, a TinyScreen, a TinyShield Joystick, a TinyShield USB (for connecting to the computer with a micro USB cable), and a 140 mAh LiPo battery that plugs directly into the TinyDuino.

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Making MeArm

Fully built MeArm
Fully built MeArm with custom controller.

MeArm is an open-source robotic arm kit by Benjamin Gray and Jack Howard.  They published design files for their robot on Thingiverse and a set of instructions on Instructables.  You can 3D print or lasercut the parts, or you can order them as a kit which includes all servos and screws from Adafruit.  If you create the parts yourself, you’ll need to purchase four 9g servos and assorted lenghts of M3 screws to complete the assembly.

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